The Sword and The Anvil is the definitive guide to natural, healthy healing from PTSD and Trauma. It contains Robert's 25 years experience with and healing from PTSD. It contains his 13 step foundation to healing that he personally developed and followed to heal from his PTSD. This book will benefit anyone who has PTSD, Trauma or any other issues from their past they want to understand and overcome.

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A Line in the Sand was Robert's big debut. This book is about his service as a United States Marine who served two tours of duty on the front lines of the first Gulf War and survived a suicide mission, chemical/gas attacks and the government testing non-approved drugs on him and his fellow Marines. It also discusses what led him to join the Marines at 18 and the world he returned home to after the war that no longer accepted him.

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Learn how PTSD was healed from someone who had it for 25 years!

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Buy any of Robert's books today and benefit from his 25 years of very personal experiences with PTSD and trauma. He is one of very few, if any others at all, who have actually healed from PTSD in natural,  healthy ways. So, learn how Robert completely transformed his life for the better. Buy your book(s) right now, today! 


​"The better you feel, the more you heal!" 

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​The Chrysalis chronicles Robert's struggles with PTSD, his nightmares, panic attacks and how he tried to cope. It reveals the professional medical treatments he was receiving and how they did not work for him and eventually made his situation worse. The book  culminates in Robert, while sitting in his wheelchair, finally making a decision to heal on his own and how he was going to accomplish that. 

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