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Learn how PTSD was healed from someone who had it for 25 years!

Buy any of Robert's books today and benefit from his 25 years of very personal experiences with PTSD and trauma. He is one of very few, if any others at all, who have actually healed from PTSD in natural,  healthy ways. So, learn how Robert completely transformed his life for the better. Buy your book(s) right now, today! 


The Chrysalis specifically chronicles 25 years of Robert's experiences suffering from PTSD. It also discusses his treatment through the medical community and the six years it took him to heal once he decided to heal on his own and how he decided to do that.

Robert Serocki, Jr. Books 

23rd Veteran 


This book contains info on Robert's 25 years of experience dealing with, healing from and researching PTSD. It discusses what PTSD is, how your brain reacts to stress and how that affects the human body. That is followed up with a discussion on current treatments, medications and drugs, healthy, natural tips to heal from PTSD and Robert's 13 step foundation to healing, which he personally developed and used to successfully heal from PTSD on his own in healthy, natural ways.

A Line in the Sand is a true story of a Marine's suicide mission, chemical and biological warfare and the testing of experimental drugs on our military during the first Gulf War in 1990/1991 and the world he encountered once he returned home.