​A Line in the Sand, was Robert's big debut. This book began as a cathartic healing process many years after the first Gulf War. Writing slowly blossomed into a new career and a whole new life for him. 

About Robert Serocki, Jr.

​The Chrysalis chronicles Robert's struggles with PTSD, his treatment and how he began to heal over the course of many years. 

Robert Serocki, Jr. 

​Robert was a professional Archaeologist for nearly 20 years and he has a Bachelor's degree in Anthropology, with an emphasis on Archaeology, from Arizona State University. He also studied Social and Psychological Anthropology, Business, Economics, Geology, Latin and Spanish. Previously, he had a distinguished career in United States Marine Corps.

Robert's books are written from the perspective of a Marine combat Veteran who has 25 years experience researching, suffering from and healing his PTSD. Robert has been through both the civilian and VA medical systems where he was hospitalized twice and put on numerous medications which never cured his PTSD, led to two suicide attempts, caused additional health problems and resulted in him being in a wheelchair for several years. That was when Robert decided to embark on a mission to heal from PTSD in natural, healthy ways.

Robert completed his  mission over the course of several years and the culmination of his journey resulted in the publication of his third book, "The Sword and the Anvil: A definitive guide for natural, healthy healing from Post-Traumatic Stress and Trauma." It contains his more than two decades of experience researching and living with PTSD. It also contains his revolutionary 13-step foundation to healing that he personally developed and used to successfully heal himself. Compared to most medical professionals who learn about PTSD from medical text books, Robert lived it and healed from it in natural, healthy ways and has gained a great deal of personal knowledge that is invaluable, which he is now teaching to others. Robert is now a full time Author, Radio show host and has his own YouTube channel.

Robert's books show you how he used his 13-step foundation to healing to heal himself through his very own personal experiences. His books help you to understand PTSD, someone who has PTSD and how it affects everyone's lives. They give you the information you need to begin the healing journey in your own time and at your own pace, in the convenience of your own home in natural, healthy ways. This relieves an individual from the trouble of having to wait weeks or months for doctor appointments and being prescribed medications with harmful side effects that never cure you and only leave you dependent on them and your doctor, instead of being dependent upon yourself. 

So, start your journey today and learn how to begin to completely transform  yourself and your life for the better START NOW.

The best part: "Helping people to understand that they can heal, become inspired, move forward and BE successful with their lives!

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