I then heard mortar fire coming from the Iraqi's location. The earth shook and the sand fell on me. I would flinch and my hands started to shake!

A Line in the Sand , is about the horrifying, gripping, true story of a Marine's experiences on the front lines of the Gulf War. It recalls his experiences as a child , which set the stage of what was surely his destiny to become a Marine. His sad, chilling stories of the ugly world that he returned home to, and how he used his experiences in the Marines to overcome it, are revealed. This book is a must read for anyone who truly wishes to know what really happened!

-Excerpt from the best-selling book, A Line in the Sand
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Robert Serocki, Jr. books

23rd Veteran

The Chrysalis is specifically about my struggles with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from my experiences as a United States Marine fighting in the first Gulf War. It describes all of the events of my life and everything I encountered and suffered through for over 20 years. It also shows how I decided to turn my life around and become successful with it and how that process took six years to accomplish. By reading this book you will benefit from my life and gain more than 20 years of knowledge, insight and experiences that you can apply to your own life and the lives of others!

These decisions of change prove to be most difficult and scary, but alas, I have already made one such decision with my relationship and therefore, I have a foundation now from which to work. Money to live, retirement, all of those thoughts haunt my sole as I search my inner self for an answer. I know that I must not worry about these things, but I do. I guess I would much rather spend my life doing things that make me happy and enhance other people's lives than spending my life doing things because society says so. I think that all of us as humans would be much happier leading lives of doing things that make our hearts sing instead of doing things that crush our hearts and souls. It is ironic that we do this, especially in America where we are supposed to be free to do as we wish as long as it is within the boundaries of the law.

-Excerpt from the best-selling book, The Chrysalis. 

"Take time to heal, become inspired, move forward, and BE successful with your life!"

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