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Can I heal from PTSD and trauma?

​Can I find peace?

​​Can I truly be happy?

​​What does my life mean?

​Do I have a purpose?

​Can I be successful?

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Click through Philosopher, Radio Host, Author and Veteran Robert Serocki, Jr.'s website, follow him through his radio show, videos and Twitter as he navigates daily life focusing on the answers to the questions of life, PTSD, healing and more! Gain valuable knowledge, personal experience and insight from Robert and his nearly three decades of studying human beings, their development and his 25 years experience having PTSD and healing from it on his own in natural, healthy ways!

Robert Serocki, Jr.  Philosopher, Radio Host, Author, Veteran

What is 2BU/HealPTSD?

"Each and every day take time to heal, become inspired, move forward and BE successful with your life!"

Robert Serocki, Jr.